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    ​​​اختتمت بحمد الله تعالى وتوفيقه أعمال الاجتماع التشاوري الرابع عشر للمجلس الأعلى لمجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية . واستناداً إلى ما نص عليه البيان الصادر عن اجتماع المجلس الأعلى في دورته الاعتيادية الثانية والثلاثين في 25 محرم 1432هـ الموافق 20 ديسمبر 2011م ،

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Over the past year and a half, and pursuant to the tasks outlined in the GCC Common Law on the Prevention of Injurious Practices in International Trade and the Rules of Implementation thereof, the office of the Technical Secretariat on Anti-dumping has attained many achievements that would enhance GCC joint action as follows:

1. Following up claims and investigations

In the context of following up the claims and investigations addressed to GCC States, the Office found out that there are 10 anti-dumping protectionist duties that are still imposed, in addition to two protectionist duties against the increase of imports imposed on the exports of some GCC States, which are still imposed, too.

Protectionist duties (whether anti-dumping duties or increase of imports) cover ceramics, white cement, compressed discs, polypropylene rolls, polyester tapes, caustic soda, oxamane, blankets and sensitized paperboard.

2. Receiving complaints

The Office of the Technical Secretariat for Anti-dumping started to receive and examine complaints of dumping and increase of imports from GCC industry at member States. The office has received seven claims from various industrial sectors.

Receiving GCC industry claims is deemed an advanced stage of the office's activity and an enhancement of the GCC industry gains that would ensure honest and fair competition with imported products.

3. Receiving complaints

The Office of the Technical Secretariat for Anti-dumping, upon request of some Member States, has acted on behalf of such Member States in claims of dumping and increase of imports. The Office examined the legal and pragmatic aspects of investigations and the mechanism of action based on the rules set out in the WTO agreements. These claims covered ceramics, petrochemicals and cement. The Office has also participated in the bilateral meetings held at some member States with those countries imposing protectionist duties against them.

4. Cooperation with the International and regional Organizations

With a view to fostering the ties with the International and regional Organizations, the Office organized in June 2008 a specialist seminar in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank and UNCTAD on anti-dumping, subsidy and safeguards and the settlement of disputes at the WTO.

In addition, the Office hosted in January 2009 a regional workshop for the Arab countries on the mechanisms of the Prevention of Injurious Practices in International Trade, which was organized by the WTO in association with The Office of the Technical Secretariat for Anti-dumping.